Discover Endless Fun at Our Waterpark & Arcade

Are you ready for the ultimate gaming experience? Immerse yourself into our arcade center and feel the excitement as you race to beat the high score!

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At Quality Inn’s Splash Harbor, we focus on creating outstanding experiences for every guest. A key part of our mission is our dynamic arcade, which continually evolves to offer various games and attractions. This dedication to providing engaging entertainment establishes us as a preferred choice among hotels with arcades, ensuring a fun-filled stay.

Experience Fun for All with Our Game Room

Are you set to take your vacation fun up a notch? The trend of hotels with arcade rooms is revolutionizing holidays, and Splash Harbor is at the helm. Our captivating arcade center is designed with all age groups in mind, promising everyone an adventure-filled gaming experience.

Our gaming rooms seamlessly merge the old-school charm with fresh gaming vibes, rekindling fond memories for the older generations and fueling the hot-blooded contest for modern gamers. Ignite a friendly rivalry with your family or friends on our full-scale air hockey table, or put your aim to the test with our ice-ball game. To find out who reigns as the basketball champion, try out mini-dunxx. With our state-of-the-art arcade, Splash Harbor morphs into the ideal retreat for both thrill-seekers and gaming buffs.

Be it a fun-packed family vacation or an exhilarating weekend getaway with friends, Splash Harbor is your go-to destination. Our sensational waterpark, modern arcade, and cozy accommodations guarantee a unique and unforgettable escape. So, gather your luggage, your competitive spirit, and your love for fun. Dive into the limitless enjoyment awaiting you at Splash Harbor, your top-choice hotel with a pool and arcade.