Top location for kids’ activity near Cleveland

Are you planning on traveling to Cleveland during your stay at Splash Harbor? Although the city is dedicated to its well-known sports teams, it has excellent kid-friendly activities!

One of the best-known things to do in the Cleveland area is visiting The Cleveland Museum of Art. A trip that’s fun and full of sites, and incredibly informational while you’re there! This museum alone houses more than 61,000 works of art from around the world, specializing in ancient Asia and Egypt.

Plan your visit by ordering tickets to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium! Filled with intriguing aquatic life from the Great Lakes, along with your vibrant favorite sea creatures from across the globe.

Top off your adventures with the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Here you’ll explore everything from feathers to fur to scales. You can also sign up for the Zoo’s Conservation Education department, which has programs all year around for the whole family!

Planning your trips away from home can be full of uncertainty. We hope some local insights we provided will fill your trip with memories and laughter for years to come. One of the “for sure have to see” would be the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for everyone who enjoys the sound of music tied in with a little bit of history and where it all started.